Pie Gain Technologies (P) Limited is one of the leading travel portal development company in Delhi NCR.

Bitan Srivastava

Bitan Srivastava is a travel and hospitality experts with over 9 years of experience in the travel sector. Bitan is a Director of Pie Gain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Who provides an end to end advisory and implementation support in a partnering approach to organizations.

She is creative contribution is substantial for the company's growth. She offers PieGain product to the startup organization in Travel industries.

She basically Watching news, story and talking with people to understand his/her views.

Her planning, consulting and delivering projects for a wide array of IT solutions. In his position, She has created strategic partnerships with a host of industry leading professionals and companies to provide the right level of expertise to align with the requirements of any organisation and focused on delivering specialised services and solutions to the clients.